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At Nevada’s Success School of Insurance, you can take advantage of our online classes; it is the most current approach to self-study learning.

We’ll ensure you have access to a licensing consultant and to InstructorLink™.
Online courses

Get Assistance With Live Instructors and Webinars

Your tuition includes internet access to the appropriate study material, along with an extensive database of practice questions, answers, and explanations.

Once your courses are complete, you will complete a monitored / proctored Prelicensing Certification Exam online. Students scoring 70% or higher will be issued a Certificate of Completion of Prelicensing Education Requirement, a document required for licensure.
Online classes

Teaching Students Like You for Over 30 Years

Nevada prelicensing certificate courses are administered by provider 18468, Nevada's Success School of Insurance. Kaplan Financial is a publisher of training materials and is not the provider of Nevada prelicensing courses.

For more information, give us a call at 775-841-3712.

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on Post-Secondary Education and the Nevada Division of Insurance
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